Colon Community Schools

2010 Bond Project
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    Colon, MI
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Colon Community Schools successfully passed a $15 million bond in September 2010. Projects at Leonidas School, Colon Elementary School and Colon Jr./Sr. High School began in May 2011. 

All three buildings received comprehensive upgrades that focused heavily on energy efficiency. Improvements included the installation of energy-efficient windows, a new roof at all three buildings, upgraded electrical, lighting and plumbing, and other essentials.

Leonidas School improvements were completion before the start of the 2011-2012 school year. The rest of the projects were complete in time for the 2012-2013 school year.

Colon Jr./Sr. High School also received a major enhancement of its technology operations as part of a three-classroom, 1,300 square foot expansion at the northwest corner of the building. The new rooms are used for a computer lab, media center and art room. This building also underwent renovations to its’ science laboratories.

The $15 million federal loan approved by voters in the fall of 2010 came with an interest rate of 0.21 percent. Proponents of the two-part millage request stressed that the district would never again be offered so much money at such a low interest rate. 

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