Hackley Community Care

Teen Health Center
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    Muskegon, MI
    2,500 sf
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The Teen Health Center, operated by Hackley Community Care, is located within Muskegon High School. Medical and dental services are offered to the high school students during the school day and to children ages 10 to 21 after school and when school is not in session.

Project scope involved transforming a former shop classroom in the Freshman wing (known as the J Building), into a medical, dental and mental health clinic. The clinic includes two medical exam rooms, two dental chairs, a waiting room, conference room and room for mental health counseling.

The clinic was designed and constructed to look like a hospital, but with a teen-friendly atmosphere. It serves approximately 1,000 young people and is open year-round.

We were very proud to be involved with a project that provides better health care to young people by making access to care easier. When students are healthy, their attendance improves and so does their attention in class. This project enhanced both the school and community.

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