Request Foods, Inc.

Wastewater Pre-Treatment Plant
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    Holland, MI
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New 4,756 sf facility was designed and built in nine months, adhering to a fast-track schedule. Our team, alongside Century A&E, designed the process and the building concurrently and was required to incorporate components for future expansion and growth. The new facilities provide a high level of automation with robust equipment that requires minimal maintenance. Several long lead equipment components were ordered prior to the completion of the process and building design. 

Project included the design of a highly automated system with state of the art treatment components, controls and pumps required to pre-treat wastewater with high concentrations of greases, fats & solids from the production wastewater stream flowing from Request Foods food manufacturing facility.

The project was paid for with assistance from funds made available to Request Foods pursuant to the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program overseen by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and administered by the Michigan Strategic Fund. 

Screened wastewater is pumped to dissolved air flotation (DAF) units within the new building. The float scraped from the surface of the DAF units is blended in tanks and pumped to two (2) belt filter presses. The belt filter presses dewater the conditioned float and deliver the final product to a 40 cy roll-off container stationed below. 

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