Van Andel Institute

Van Andel Institute, Phase II
Under Construction
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    Grand Rapids, MI
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    • LEED Platinum
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This $178 million expansion was built on an extremely tight site in downtown Grand Rapids. The project contains approximately 90,000 sf of research lab space for bio-molecular cancer research and was built while the building remained fully occupied and operational. The new space also includes vivarium labs, private offices, conference rooms, large gathering rooms, a library, cafeteria and common space for approximately 400 additional employees.  

Recipient of LEED Platinum for New Construction, sustainable construction practices included: 

  • Recycling more than 75% of construction waste
  • Utilization of building materials with a high recycled content and utilization of locally manufactured materials to reduce transportation and greenhouse emissions.

 Sustainable design features included:  

  • A green roof
  • Storm water collection tank
  • Photovoltaic solar panels
  • Water efficient fixtures which reduce water consumption by 30%,
  • Heat recovery and energy savings through right sizing of equipment
  • A completely automated building control system to reduce energy consumption.

The project was completed one month ahead of schedule and $2 million under budget. O-A-K has been hired to manage several subsequent renovation projects at Van Andel Institute since completing this project in 2009.

“I am delighted to report that O-A-K has been able to complete the expansion that more than doubles our space with literally no disruption to our existing operations...I unequivocally recommend O-A-K for your project.”

— Steven R. Heacock, Former CAO of Van Andel Institute
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