Westminster Presbyterian Church

Steeple Restoration
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    Grand Rapids, MI
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When shingles and tiles started shedding from the 130-foot steeple atop the sanctuary of Westminster Presbyterian Church, shattering on the pavement where parishioners walked, it was clear it needed fixing. Instead of finding a quick-fix for the falling roof pieces, the building committee decided it was time for a face lift.

To celebrate its 150-year anniversary, the church hired O-A-K to completely restore the steeple to show the steadfastness of their structure. (O-A-K was also called to replace the damaged cross more than 50 years ago.) 

We used 3-D renderings and a custom-made scaffolding, that was built to avoid putting any weight on the delicate roofing, to carry out the construction. The project took approximately four months to complete.

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