Project Superintendent

Jeff began his career at O‑A‑K in 1996. With over 20 years of field experience, he has a vast array of project experience and is a humble leader on the jobsite. As an avid outdoorsman, Jeff enjoys being outside, managing the site, rather than in the job trailer.

Jeff Derosha

Why did you choose the construction industry?

I have always liked building things. When I was eight, my dad had built our first house, and then at age 16, he built a log home. This drew me to take a building trades class when I was in high school. In 1999, I built my own home. There is something satisfying about creating something with your own two hands and knowing that it benefits someone else… or even yourself.

What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy the outdoors, especially hunting and fishing. I spend a lot of my free time with friends and family and I always enjoy trying new and different things.

It’s been quite a change over the years. It all depends on how you roll with those changes. If you’re not learning; you’re not growing.

Jeff Derosha
Project Superintendent, Owen‑Ames‑Kimball