Assistant Project Manager

Mandalyn joined O‑A‑K’s accounting department in 2017. With a passion for continued knowledge, she transitioned to our Project Management department in 2019. She serves as a liaison to trade contractors, helping projects run smoothly behind the scenes.

Powers mandalyn

What have you learned while working at O‑A‑K?

Almost everything I know about construction! I had office experience before starting at O‑A‑K. But, I had to learn the construction specifics on the job, everything from creating project manuals and schedules, AIA contracts and billings, to reading specs and plans. Lucky for me, everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) has been more than willing to answer any question I have... big or small.

What do you do in your free time?

I love being active and being outside... especially, if it’s warm! In summer, I enjoy hiking or boating. In the cooler months, I stay busy doing yoga or painting. I really try and organize my time so that there isn’t much downtime – very rarely will you find me sitting at home doing nothing.