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Building 50 Renovations
Ada, MI
90,000 sf

This four-story office and lab renovation project included a completely renovated penthouse with five new air handler units. Complex phasing and coordination was required with existing offices and lab areas. Three floors of approximately 30,000 sf each were renovated. Each floor consisted of renovated lab and office areas adjacent to fully functional existing labs/offices. Off-shift work was used to accommodate Amway’s existing operations.

Project was completed in 10 separate phases while the building remained occupied.

Construction scope included complete mechanical and electrical upgrades as well as new walls, flooring, ceilings and lab casework.

A significant portion was completed with our in-house carpenters and laborers.

Project required the installation of negative air machines at entrance and exit areas to pressurize the space. These machines maintained the air pressure throughout the labs so that current operations were not disrupted by construction activities. Machines also utilized high-efficiency HEPA filters which remove over 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3 micrometers from air that passes through.

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