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Rockford High School

Creative Teaching and Learning Center
Rockford, MI
6,100 sf
our role
Construction Manager

Designed to impact instruction, Rockford Public Schools' Creative Teaching and Learning Center addition promotes active and collaborative learning for small groups in all curricula. During the design process, Rockford Public Schools invited O‑A‑K, GMB, and Communications by Design (technology consultant) to tour similar spaces at Clemson University, North Carolina University, and the University of Minnesota, with the goal of early team synergy.

This new space features a lounge with flexible and adaptable seating, high top tables and chairs, and a catering area. The featured lab is specifically designed for hands-on learning. Fixed round tables, each featuring their own whiteboard, microphone, huddle board, and technology connections, allow students to work in groups of three at tables of nine. In total, the lab can occupy 108 students. The lobby also boasts flexible seating for collaboration, as well as bathrooms, a feature donor wall, and large monitors for announcements.

Funding for the project was included in the $76.1 million school bond approved in 2014.