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Trinity Lutheran Church

Worship space expansion & multi-phase renovation
Grand Rapids, MI
9,300 sf
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Construction Manager

This major addition and renovation project was funded by a $5.8 million capital campaign. The transformation was constructed in three overlapping phases to accommodate ongoing church activities.

Fellowship Addition

The design intent for the fellowship addition was to unify an evolving congregation that supports multiple worship styles and generations. Formerly a lower-level courtyard, the new 3,000 square-foot fellowship space features cathedral ceilings with clerestory windows, a central glass-paneled staircase leading to the main floor, and an open wall connecting to the contemporary worship area, known as the church’s “Rejoice Worship Center.”

Rejoice Worship Center

The existing Rejoice Worship Center was completely renovated and features: a new acoustical cloud ceiling; a new stage area with integrated theatrical lighting, an inductive hearing loop system beneath the floor for the hearing impaired; and upgraded finishes throughout.

New entrance and corridor transformation

A new building entrance and corridor provides direct access into the new fellowship space, with adjacent renovations and building reconfigurations to increase wayfinding and enhance church operations. Additional renovations provided a new youth area, offices, and gathering space.

2336 N

A yearlong renovation and expansion of our church facilities had to be accomplished while the entire program of the congregation was continuous on site. Working with the team from O‑A‑K brought both exemplary management of the overall construction project and great sensitivity and flexibility to support our parish ministry. We have been extremely satisfied with our partnership.

Rev. Robert J. Linstrom
Senior Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church