ownership structure

100% Employee Owned

As an employee-owned firm since the day we were founded, our people are both personally and professionally vested in the success of their projects. We have 70 employee-owners, representing every department in the company, from project superintendents to accounting team members. This added level of commitment helps us ensure our clients receive the attention they deserve.

Through all levels of the project, you're dealing with an owner of the company.

Frank Stanek
CEO, Owen‑Ames‑Kimball Co.
client impact

A different experience

How do you define exceptional service? Passion? Ease? Follow-through? We hope you answered yes to all of the above. As an employee-owned company, O‑A‑K is set up for success, because we invest in our people, they invest in their commitments, and our clients feel the difference. The qualities that empower our people to be their best are the same qualities that create great leaders.

Ownership means more than financial investment, too. It means we care A LOT. Being employee-owned contributes to our exceptionally low turnover rate and our ability to attract top talent. That translates to a great team dynamic, transparency in communication, and accountability for our actions.

Traditionally O‑A‑K has had a very low turnover. We are an employee-owned company and that tends to get people to stay a little longer.

Dan Rathburn
Senior Project Manager

We're all in this together.

Matt Zwack
President, O‑A‑K Florida