Experience Manager

After completing her B.S. degree in Advertising and Public Relations, Jennifer began her career working at a local CPA firm where she oversaw marketing and recruitment. She joined O‑A‑K in 2017 as the Communications Coordinator and was promoted to Marketing Manager in early 2021, and then Experience Manager in 2022. Jennifer leads corporate events and employee relations.

Jennifer Kloosterhouse

What have you learned while working at O‑A‑K?

While working at O‑A‑K, I have gained an entirely new insight into the construction world. Pride in our company, our projects, and our people is evident from every position. The industry is complex and fast-paced; the competency of our employees, coupled with our 130+ year history is truly evident.

What do you do in your free time?

As a wife and mother of four kids… what free time? :-) In all seriousness, I like to keep busy, more that I would ever admit. As a family, we enjoy going for walks, riding bikes, spending time at family cottages, camping, skiing, and almost anything outside. To unwind, I love trying new craft beer and watching reruns of Friends.