President, Thomas Marine Construction

Kevin joined O‑A‑K in 2007, becoming a division President after facilitating the agreement for Thomas Marine Construction’s sale to Owen‑Ames‑Kimball Company. He is responsible for daily business operations as well as field construction on all projects. Being a hands-on leader, it is not unusual to see Kevin out on the project sites operating equipment and supporting his teams in any way.

KC Shimp CC

Why did you choose the construction industry?

By process of elimination. I started out intending to be an architect. At the time I was in school that major was not ending in employment often enough so I moved to engineering. After some experience working in an engineering firm, I found I didn’t want to produce only paper, I wanted to build the infrastructure on the paper. In my career, I have found great satisfaction in constructing real, tangible, and valuable structures across SW Florida.

What can you say about our employees over the years?

Our employees are the backbone of the company and are the reason we get the needed work done well. As an employee-owned company well over 100 years old, we don’t see nearly the distinction between employees and owners some companies do because they are us. We are all pulling in the same direction.

What else should we know about you?

My daughters keep me moving! We have a great work/life balance at O‑A‑K, and I greatly enjoy that. Work is important, but family, sports, and hobbies are on nearly equal footing. Nearly.