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City of Wyoming

Clean Water Plant Laboratory Renovation
Wyoming, MI
7,000 sf

This project included 3,750 sf of office renovations on the first floor and a 3,250 sf renovation to the laboratory and adjacent office on the second floor. The existing laboratory space was completely demolished and reconfigured to allow for the replacement of all HVAC equipment. The new space features abundant natural daylight and provides an updated atmosphere to conduct laboratory operations.

Scope included new plumbing, lighting, electrical, ductwork, architectural finishes, custom scientific casework, complete replacement of lab exhaust system including fume hoods, and installation of laboratory equipment. Construction challenges included a condensed 3-month schedule. In order to complete the work in time, the equipment specification and ordering process was expedited.

The laboratory serves a quality control and data source role for the overall operation of the City’s water and wastewater treatment activities. Laboratory operations monitor the water treatment process to ensure adherence to EPA and DEQ guidelines. Analytical data is provided on a daily basis to plant operators, maintenance personnel and the Industrial Pretreatment Program.

Wyoming Clean Water Plant Laboratory Renovation 3