Portage Public Schools dives into second year of construction

April 18, 2018

Construction of Portage Central Natatorium, Portage North Middle School and Portage Northern's Huskie Stadium began in 2017 and continues to make major progress in 2018. Additionally, site preparations for the new Portage Central Middle School have officially begun.

Portage Central Natatorium

Current exterior view of the new Central Natatorium Facility


The pool is being water tested, a process that involves filling it up 1/3 at a time and waiting for 24 hours between each fill, to ensure there are no leaks.


Mechanical equipment for the new pool has been delivered and is ready for installation.

Taken in February, scaffolding was installed above the pool so crews could get to work on sound and lighting.


Also taken in February, crews worked above scaffolding to install sound panels, fabric ductwork, lights and paint the precast Ts.


Portage North Middle School

A concrete pump pours the mechanical penthouse floor

The concrete crew works on the mechanical penthouse floor


Masons build the south wall of the new gymnasium

Portage Northern's Huskie Stadium

Compaction around the goal posts and safety netting is complete. Crews finish the home team bleacher installation. In the background (right side) the nearly complete concession buiding is being painted.

Long jump pits are filled and score board posts set. The stock pile of fines in the background will be spread on the field with a laser grader, on top of the 7" base that has already been laid.

The base of the field is being leveled to ensure compaction, in preparation for turf installation next week!

Home team lockers are in place. Next up, sealing and applying a rubber base to the floors.