NOVEMBER 16, 2017

Cade Dammen leads Career Day presentation

Career Day at Thornapple-Kellogg's Page Elementary School is extra special for our Project Superintendent, Cade Dammen. Not only has Cade overseen several construction projects for TK, he is also a Page Elementary Alumnus. Growing up in Middleville, Cade is passionate about inspiring young people in his hometown to pursue a career in the construction industry. For the past three years Cade has engaged classes of fourth and fifth grade students with customized classroom lessons that relate construction to their everyday lives.

This year was especially fun because Cade presented to Mrs. Kellogg's fourth grade class...and Mrs. Kellogg was his own fourth grade teacher. During his lessons, Cade reviews the industry as a whole, cool projects, different positions, and then conducts a breakout activity where the students interact with each other and learn about the impact they can have on their community. The kids love it! Thanks Cade, you represent us well.