AUGUST 1, 2019

Construction Update: Frederik Meijer Gardens

Construction on the new Welcome Center began in 2018. O‑A‑K has been fortunate to manage all building projects at Frederik Meijer Gardens since their inception in 1995, including several overlapping projects as part of their Welcoming the World: Honoring a Legacy of Love capital campaign. When complete, this project will be a 60,000 sf LEED-certified building.The new building will welcome over 750,000 guests per year. One unique feature: the walls of the building will support over 77,000 sf of granite on the exterior. The Welcome Center is set to open in early 2021 for guests.

One of the unique challenges of this all gets covered in granite. 77,000 square feet of it!

Bill McLaughlin
Senior Project Superintendent, Owen‑Ames‑Kimball Co.