NOVEMBER 8, 2019

Gerald R. Ford International Airport Update

O‑A‑K is currently managing several renovation and infrastructure improvement projects at Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Many projects are managed under an ongoing Master Services agreement between O‑A‑K and the airport, a contract that provides an efficient method of construction delivery for small-to-medium sized renovations. As the airport gears up for future growth, so to do their facilities.

Completed or in progress over the past year, improvements include:

  • Remote Utilities Plant: A new $4 million facility located just 1,500 feet from the terminal that includes two new 800-ton cooling towers and 1,300 feet of newly-laid HDPE pipe.
  • TSA Relocation: A fast-track renovation project to provide a new 4,750 sf office space for all Grand Rapids-based TSA agents.
  • Police Badging Renovation: A multi-phase office renovation project, currently under construction.

We are currently working with the airport to plan the next 1-2 years of renovations, including an estimated five individual construction projects.

The biggest things with airport work are coordination, communication, and security.

Philip Veenhoven
Project Superintendent , Owen‑Ames‑Kimball Co.