DECEMBER 3, 2020

Progress Video: Forest Hills Project Next

Bond Summary:
This $140 million bond program for Forest Hills Public Schools was passed by local voters in 2018. The program was developed to INVEST in the district’s infrastructure by upgrading aging systems to save operational costs, SECURE their schools by upgrading safety measures, and INSPIRE students by providing modern learning environments.

Project Next:
In this video, Jeff Diemer, Project Superintendent, gives us a behind-the-scenes tour of the ongoing Project Next construction site at Forest Hills Northern High School. Renovations to the east wing of the high school were completed over the spring/summer of 2020. Current work is centralized within the west wing, and is being completed in sub-phases to minimize disruption to ongoing school operations.

Features include enclosing an exterior courtyard to create a collaborative, shared commons space, while adjacent renovations and reconfigurations to classrooms are being built with several features that promote flexible, hands-on learning.

We're looking forward to getting this wrapped up, doing it well, and moving on to the next piece.

Jeff Diemer
Project Superintendent, Owen‑Ames‑Kimball Co.