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Mezzanine & Tank Relocation
Ada, MI
8,000 sf

This fast-track project required the conversion of former warehouse space into ancillary space for Amway’s GMP production area for personal lines, producing shampoos, lotions, etc. Scope included removing existing stainless steel mezzanine and support structure above the production area, extensive mechanical and electrical rework, sawcutting and removing concrete, and installation of new pits with 36” thick concrete walls and 24” thick floors.

The renovated facility features a new mezzanine above production lines to provide additional storage capacity.

O-A-K provided construction management services in phases, while the production facility remained operational. To minimize disruption, we installed a fire retardant plastic barrier with HEPA negative air machines to make sure our area “stayed negative” in pressure, so no contaminants went into the production line. The project also involved daily quality insurance inspections, completed without incident.

DBP 1587