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Paper Products Renovation
Ada, MI
163,600 sf
our role

This project included renovations to Amway’s paper products division, impacting buildings 44, 44a, and 52.

The project involved taking the existing warehouse space and making it into office, break area, locker room, and production space. All new walls, finishes, mechanical and electrical. Challenges included bringing in 40’ x 6’ wide precast panels into an existing building and setting them on bearing masonry walls. We also had to open up the perimeter to install new windows in the middle of winter. We kept dust and construction debris out of the occupied warehouse space. The existing warehouse space ceiling was approximately 22’, and our new ceiling grid height was 9’. This left a large 13’ vacant area above the ceiling. In order to make mechanical and electrical work more accessible, the team installed a unistrut grid system 4’ above the drop ceiling, which allowed the a mechanical and electrical systems to suspend.

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