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Office Fit-Out & Relocation
Kentwood, MI
30,000 sf
our role
Construction Manager

This 30,000 sf fit-out was completed within a condensed timeline over the winter of 2018/2019. Working with BDO’s national group as well as the local office team to ensure a smooth relocation, construction crews were tasked with demolishing interior walls, cutting existing floors for electrical, and completely building out a collaborative work space.

The new interior boasts glass partitions, high-end fixtures, aluminum frames, and abundant natural light. The space also features an updated drop ceiling and new lighting and mechanical systems.

Office areas include:

  • Two large IT inventory and control rooms with a main distribution frame (MDF) and intermediate distribution frame (IDF);
  • Three main open office areas with banks of cubicles;
  • 16 conference rooms of various sizes and floor plans;
  • 27 private offices;
  • 10 smaller, mixed-use rooms;
  • A large café and break room;
  • A nursing mother’s room; and
  • A new reception area and entrance.
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