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Blow Mold Relocation
Lowell, MI
Four 25-ton blow molds

In September 2014, we completed a unique relocation project for Flo-Master, a manufacturing company specializing in the fabrication of pressurized sprayers. The project involved disassembling, transporting and reassembling four of the existing 25-ton blow molds and associated equipment, from Eldora, Iowa to Lowell, Michigan.

To ensure operational capacity in the Lowell facility, we had to retrofit the space with compressed air, raw material piping, chilled water, and upgrade the existing power supply. Each of the four blow molds were transported via three commercial flatbed semi-trucks, in individual trips. The 25-ton blow molds were lifted with a 30-ton capacity hi lo. Coordination was extremely important to ensure the least amount of downtime for production.

The project also required disconnecting power and utilities in Iowa, dissembling the machines, reassembling them in Michigan, and testing to ensure they functioned properly. We also installed two new 34-foot tall silos in Michigan and a chilling tower. The silos provide the raw material for the fabrication of products.

Flo Master 1