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Herman Miller

Customer Experience Renovation
Holland, MI
8,000 sf

As Herman Miller's partner for all construction projects throughout the nation, O-A-K has completed several new construction and renovation projects. This particular project marked a major renovation of Herman Miller’s GreenHouse, which was originally built by O-A-K in 1995. The project was designed and built to meet the following goals:

  • Create an engaging experience for customers at the GreenHouse, focusing on Healthcare solutions
  • Renovate the existing Gallery at the GreenHouse to demonstrate Healthcare’s latest knowledge, products and applications.
  • Provide the sales team with a robust set of tools to immerse clients in Herman Miller knowledge and capability.

The team considered a variety of scenarios including expansions and renovations in various GreenHouse modules. The challenges within the architecture of the office modules were significant to make a believable healthcare environment. Final project scope included reconfiguration and renovation of the lobby and current gallery, in the center of the building.

The showroom simulates literal aesthetics of Health Care settings for Herman Miller’s presentations to healthcare professionals and thus, provides a more believable platform to demonstrate their capabilities within these environments.

Herman Miller Green House 3