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Harlem Heights Cultural Arts and Community Center
Fort Myers, FL
14,000 sf

The building encompasses 14,000 square feet and offers four unique areas that include: 1) Education wing offers a computer learning lab, arts and education classrooms, wellness advocacy, and office space, and lounges specially designed to meet the unique needs of teens and seniors, 2) Exhibit and Reception Area and 3) Performing Arts Hall and 4) an Outdoor Amphitheater. The central location of this site helps integrate the existing ball fields and park with the rest of the neighborhood by establishing a recreation corridor accessible by pedestrians, bikes and automobiles. The building design on the site is an extroverted and dynamic composition of spaces that reach out to every corner of the site and to every member of the community. The 250 seat Performing Arts hall and the 6,000 square feet education wing are joined by a grand circular lobby that accommodates various exhibits and receptions.

NFP Heights Front Side