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New Church

St. Sebastian Church
Byron Center, MI
11,000 sf

This rapidly growing rural parish community had outgrown their beloved historic 100 year old church. The new 10,341 square foot building seats 500 people in its first phase and is master planned for an additional 500 seats in future additions. The unique design has a rural appeal, alluding to agricultural buildings, and integrates a contemporary structure to be easily expanded to accommodate future growth.

The dramatic concrete buttresses are a significant architectural and structural feature of this new church. There are two different types of buttresses that rise to 13 feet above the finished floor. The frames are made with seven distinct planes at various angles. Each is penetrated by two intersecting archways.

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) make up the remainder of the roof structure. The dramatic open space which is created enhances the feeling of a place of worship.

This impressive project received the 2007 Award for Excellence from the Associated Builders and Contractors of West Michigan for Religious Facility Construction.

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Sprititual St Sebastian Early Morning