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Lee County Port Authority

Page Field Airport General Aviation Terminal & Apron
Fort Myers, FL
22,613 sf

The design of the project incorporated items which honored Page Field's history as a WWII US Airforce advanced fighter training base while keeping current the modern conveniences of a general aviation terminal. It is LEED Certified and received a 2011 BIA Summit Award for Best Commercial Contractor / Public Works. Hanging from the roof structure in the main lobby is a full size replica of P-51D and on permanent display out side is an actual North American T-6 aircraft. Interior space accomodates a gift shop concession, small cafe and car rental station as well as office space for Port Authority employees and additional leased office space, seminar room and training room. For the pilots, there is a flight planning room, pilots' lounge, quiet room and rec. room along with a 210 sf galley. The solar panels installed on the multipurpose hangar allow weather monitoring for solar panel production. The project included a 24,000 square foot transient aircraft hangar, 600,003 square feet of ramp space with exclusive business aircraft parking and a 60,000 gallon aviation gas fuel farm.

Cert mark leedcert
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